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Ransomware in the News – Don’t cry over WannaCry!

Try these techniques to protect yourself and your company:

  • Utilize Spam Filters: To protect against spam mails, spam filters should be used.
  • Change Passwords Often: An easy and often overlooked measure to ensure security is to change passwords on a regular basis.
  • Browser Setting Updates: Modify your browser settings to prevent malleolus websites from opening.
  • Report: Individuals can report phishing to industry groups; legal action can be taken against these fraudulent/bad actors.
  • Think Before You Click: Phishing relies on users to make mistakes. Safe websites generally begin with “https”. If the website from the email does not contain “https”, it could be a phishing email (Phishing.org).
  • Institute a User-Awareness-Training-Program: This is an incredibly inexpensive program that can yield huge benefits in terms of raising the general knowledge/awareness level of your staff. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”…don’t get into a compromised position to begin with.

Submitted by:
Chris Mangano
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Mercadien Technologies

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